What I Read in May (Part One)

Welcome to this month's 'What I Read' post! In May I read 13 books, only four of which were Harry Potters... I decided for research purposes of my own book, that this month would have a young adult theme and I have to say, if this list of books were an album it would be … Continue reading What I Read in May (Part One)

Q & A – EDAW Day Six & Seven

For today's post I asked people to send in their questions for me to answer concerning Eating Disorders as I thought I'd have a bit of a Q and A session (definitely not because I'd run out of post ideas... 😉 ) So here goes! "If you had really disordered problems with eating but recovered … Continue reading Q & A – EDAW Day Six & Seven

Myths & Facts About Eating Disorders – EDAW Day One.

But anyway, for my first post I've written what I think is probably the most important post I've ever done: 'Myths and Facts about eating disorders.' The myths I'm about to debunk are all ones that I've personally heard and I know many others will have heard them as well. In fact I think I'd probably be safe in saying that every eating disorder sufferer will have heard at least one of these during their time with one. I think perhaps the most alarming thing however, is that it's not just our peers that have said these things, it's adults, parents, teachers, even people in the health care profession such as doctors, psychiatrists, nurses, health care assistants... And that's something that desperately needs to change. Because the more these things are said, the more people believe them, the more the stigma surrounding eating disorders deepens and the less the chances are of people feeling able to reach out and access help before it's too late. So let's get started!

‘Change 4 Death’ – How an Innocent Campaign Could Kill Your Kids.

I am disgusted. I went to the doctors today and in the waiting room was a pile of these. In case you can't see them well enough, they're stickers saying 'I'm sugar smart' and were accompanied with a leaflet talking about swapping sugary drinks and snacks for ones with less or no added sugar. Now … Continue reading ‘Change 4 Death’ – How an Innocent Campaign Could Kill Your Kids.