A Quiet Place – Film Review

Warning, there are going to be spoilers a plenty to follow and so if you’re planning to see the film and want a completely spoiler free perspective, click away now!

So this Saturday I had an amazing day out with two of my friends. We planned a cinema day, as there were two new films out that we all wanted to see and thought we’d make a day of it. We saw ‘Love, Simon’ first (post on the film AND the book to follow), had a twenty minute break and then saw ‘A Quiet Place.’

I want to start off (before I go on a little rant about the plot) by saying that I think this was a great film. It was incredibly well made, the soundtrack perfectly complimented the plot, building and relieving tension at exactly the right moment and the acting was amazing too – I mean they didn’t have that many lines but their facial expressions told the story well enough.

In case you don’t know the story, the film follows a family in their quest to survive in an apocalyptic world filled with monsters that will hunt you if they hear you. The film opens with the family of five in a supermarket getting supplies to take back to their house. The youngest boy reaches for a toy rocket up on a high shelf and manages to knock it off, where it’s just caught by his older sister before it hits the floor and makes a noise that would bring the monsters swarming towards them. This opening scene perfectly builds the tension as it tells the audience to just how high the stakes are and sets the tone for the entire film.

Image result for peeking through handThis is the kind of film that you’ll finish and be able to appreciate that it was a great film but be unsure whether you could say that you liked it – just because it’s such a wild ride and so incredibly intense that you’ll have been in a state of anxiety pretty much from the word go. Me and Vicky spent about fifty percent of the film with our knees clutched to our chests and peeking through our hands like that 

The other friend that I went with, Emillie, was somehow cool as a cucumber throughout (If you’re reading this Emillie then know that I still suspect you of being a robot…I’m onto you 😉 )

The quietness of the film was overwhelming at points it was so masterfully executed. I was warned beforehand of how quiet it was but it still didn’t prepare me for just how quiet. That is, besides remembering to bring quiet snacks – definitely no crisps or popcorn! We were in a cinema full of teenage boys and I was fully expecting to be seething in my seat at people chewing or talking too loudly but I was very pleasantly surprised that they managed to keep quiet throughout. At no point during the hour and a half we were watching did I even remember that there were other people in the cinema with us. I’m not sure whether that’s more of a testament to how respectful people were to the other cinema goers or how great the film is. Either that or they were just as engrossed in the film as I was and didn’t want to make a noise lest the monsters hunted us all…

Okay, so now we’ve established just how good the film is I want to share a couple of thoughts… This film needed one thing so, SO badly. BIRTH CONTROL. The parents in this film, (Emily Blunt and John Krasinki) after their youngest child dies at the monsters hands (claws?) decide that they want another child. I understand that after the loss of their child they were probably suffering psychologically and that this may have convinced them that they needed another child to help heal the hole that


My face when I saw that the mother had got pregnant in an apocalyptic situation and was somehow going to have to give birth without making any noise…

that loss incurred BUT… firstly not to be crude but how did they conceive a child without making a sound (??) and SECONDLY, what were they expecting would happen when it came to giving birth? To be fair they had made some preparations, one of their children was to set off fireworks to lure the monsters there so that their mother could give birth without being killed but I think that’s incredibly selfish of them. Not only were they putting their existing children at risk but they were also bringing another child into a world where it would have to be put in a soundproof box every time it cried and even after it learnt to be quiet like the others it still wouldn’t have very pleasant an existence.

Speaking of their children, the daughter in the film was deaf and was played by an actual deaf actress, Millicent Simmonds, which I think was an amazing casting decision. She was a brilliant actress and I think the addition of parts from her perspective that were entirely silent, really helped build the tension. I don’t think there can be anything more anxiety inducing than watching a monster that hunts based on noise, standing behind a deaf child who has no idea whether they’re making noise or not…

Image result for crying face

My face in THAT scene between John Krasinski and his daughter…

So in conclusion, if you feel like spending an hour and a half in a state of appreciative anxiety then definitely go and watch A Quiet Place, but be prepared to be frustrated with Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s parenting skills and then sob as at least one of them (sort of) redeems themselves in an incredibly emotional scene.


Oh, and remember to skip the popcorn…

Thank you for reading this random review, I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll be posting again very soon to talk about Love, Simon/ Simon Vs the Homosapiens Agenda.


Anna x


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