Thrift Shop & Vegan Finds, Books and OOTD.

Another reason why I wanted to expand the blog was so that I could write more general posts, things I’ve been up to etc. and this weekend I did a lot of very ‘blog-able’ things (that’s a word now, deal with it 😉 ) so I thought I’d write a post.

I went into my local proper town (the town that I live in is tiny and has literally no decent shops) with my Mum and I found two great finds in a charity shop – the same charity shop that I found my favourite boots of all time in for only £4  – may they RIP…

The first thing I found was this lovely floral red dress that I absolutely loved. It was originally from Sainsburys TU clothing but I don’t know how long ago. I also found this plain mustard cardigan which I was really happy about because I’ve been looking for one for literally months. Together they came to £10 which I thought was fab so thank you Oxfam!


In addition to the charity shops we also went into Boots where I bought this new ‘Holographic Eyeshadow Topper’ by Barry M. I’m loving ‘Barry M’ make up at the minute, it’s all cruelty free and most of it (and everything that I buy) is vegan as well. I’d say 90% of the makeup I own is from there and I would highly recommend to anyone, vegan or otherwise.

I also bought some Eat Real Quinoa Chips that are delicious and currently in the Holland & Barret penny sale.

20180414_141406And of course no shopping trip with me is complete without a visit to at least one bookstore and today’s choice was Waterstones where I used my National Book Token voucher to purchase this beautiful copy (see below) of ‘The Secret Garden’ which is one of my all time favourite books. I’m collecting these editions of childrens books, I think I’ve got four now, because I just think they’re such lovely things to own.


It was such a lovely day weather wise yesterday, the sun seems to finally be coming out (I’ve probably just jinxed it – apologies if it suddenly starts snowing everywhere, you can blame me for that 😉 ) and so I spent some time in the garden reading my book and taking some pictures of the flowers that have started to bloom. I can’t wait for it to be warmer and sunnier more often, I absolutely hate Winter, it doesn’t do anything for my mood whereas the sun being out can definitely make a difference.



My outfit for the day yesterday was this:

I’m not a fashion blogger whatsoever, I never have been and so this was definitely going into uncharted territory for me but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! As always comment below your thoughts/recommendations and remember you can always find me on YouTube, Instagram and my brand new Facebook page!

Love and hugs,

Anna x



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