Eating Disorder Awareness Week – Day 7

Today (yesterday) was the last day of ED awareness week and it’s been a pretty amazing seven days. I’ve had over 600 views, we raised over £600 for Beat (£632.68p at the last count – over £700 including gift aid!) and not only that, we hopefully raised a whole lot of awareness.

Image result for beat eating disordersThank you so much to everyone that attended the ‘Coffee and Cake Afternoon’ yesterday, it was really lovely to have so many people I love in one room, all there to support me and others like me. Beat is an incredible charity that help so many people, some of which being my friends, and I am so, so grateful to them for that. Eating disorders are horrible, manipulative, destructive diseases that affect around 1.6 million people in the UK (around 2.5 percent of the population) and yet we so seldom talk about them. When it comes to discussing mental health I like to adopt the attitude ‘if you act like it’s something to be ashamed of then people will treat it that way’, which is one of the reasons why I’m so open about my struggles. There’s obviously a limit to what I share, I never go into detail about anything that I think could potentially be triggering for others to read, but I truly believe that if more people are open about their mental health then there will be less discrimination and stigma because people will be more aware of these conditions and their effects.

Unfortunately today hasn’t been a great day for me, despite the amazing day  I had yesterday with all my friends and family, but I’m trying to remember how I felt yesterday and use that feeling to remind me that I haven’t always felt this bad and good times will come again. I think this is a really useful technique to use – if you’re not feeling your best just take a minute to remind yourself of all the good days or even just the nondescript, non-event days where nothing much happened. These days, these memories, are your weapons against the darkness, the logical reminders that you haven’t always felt this way and there will be a time when you don’t feel this away. Keep soldiering on and you’ll get there.

Image result for hold on pain endsI’ve posted the excerpt below before in a different post but I thought I’d share it again – this is for you, the survivor of the war with your mind.

“We are a family, a cluster of beautiful lost souls brought together by our lack of hope in the world we live in. But the world isn’t done with us yet. So we fight, some with direction and purpose, others without – getting out of bed and facing the day is half the struggle for some. Others of us live for a change, for something deep inside of us to be woken so that we are ready to face whatever this crazy journey called life throws at us. For now though we take each day as it comes, surviving, living, fighting but also noticing. Noticing the good things in life until we begin to see them everywhere we go – perhaps even involuntarily. Slowly, day by day, the good in the world reveals itself to us, we learn to develop the hope we lost and learn to fight for what is rightfully ours.”

Image result for hope quotesDuring these difficult times it’s important to stay hopeful however it’s impossible to stay hopeful 24/7. If you’re feeling distinctly hopeless then try and cast your mind back and think of all the amazing things you have to look forwards to when you do feel better: getting a job, falling in love, parties, weddings, having a family of your own, graduating from school/college/university, growing old surrounded by friends and family, meeting new people that will shape your days to come, holidays… all these amazing events just waiting to be experienced. And not only will some or even all of the above things happen for you, there’ll also be the unpredictable events, and my favourite kind of day, the random good days that have no identifiable cause – the days that feel like a gift from some higher power.

Below are some pictures from the yesterday, thanks again to everyone that turned up, you added £204.66 to our total, an amazing amount that will go towards helping a lot of people.

Thank you once again for reading, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a post a day and I shall see you very soon 🙂 (probably not tomorrow though!)

Love and hugs as always,

Anna x



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