I Survived (a poem by Lucy)

The little girl with the ginger curls.

An astronaut, a fairy, I could be anything in the world.

A teacher, a singer, my aspirations were high,

These are the dreams that will never die.


I could sit and play for hours on end,

By myself, with my family or one of my friends.

I’d go roller-skating in the park,

Stay awake until dark,

It seemed that nothing would ever dull my spark.


I was a star dancing in the night sky,

Most of the time I would sing the hours by.

Mum always reminded me I was the loudest in our home,

I guess that’s why when I left she felt so very alone.


When Anorexia came along, it took away my spark.

I was looking for an escape but I was trapped in the dark,

It was a vicious cycle; again and again

I used to pray for this nightmare to come to an end.

It’s like I forgot how to steer,

My destination was unclear but.. I survived

I’m still here.


16 years of my life have gone by and yes,

My aspirations are still just as high.

The sun is shining, I feel alive and that’s because



Lucy wrote this poem for English but wanted to share it with you all along with a reminder to keep going and fighting   Image result for survived quotes

I hope everyone’s doing fab and remembering that you’re all perfectly imperfect  🙂 More posts are on the way I swear!

Love and hugs,

Anna xxx



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