New (New) Year

It’s September and that means it’s time for new starts. Now I know what you’re thinking 1) Where have you been for 9 months?!?! and 2) I’m fairly sure New Year is the time for fresh starts and new beginnings…

To answer número uno, unfortunately things turned to sh*t again and I ended up with another 8 month stint in various hospitals. But I’m out again now and although I’m not 100% I’m getting there slowly. Fingers crossed (again) that things start looking up soon and I’ll never have to set foot in another hospital again 🙂

Moving swiftly on to point number two, yes January is traditionally the time for new starts and resoloutions etc. but I see know reason why it has to be exclusive.

Every day is a second chance – an opportunity for a new beginning.


Say you’ve been struggling with something lately and you’re not happy living your life as a constant battle then today, as with any other day, you can do something about that fact and change your life for the better. Things aren’t always easy, I’m well aware of that, but if you truly apply yourself to something then you’ll find that you can achieve things you never dreamed you could. Talking of dreams I had a bizarre one last night about a horse called, Dr Fitzwilliamsburg…digressing from the point Anna, focus!

What I’m trying to explain is this – your life is completely and utterly that, yours and only you have the power to sit up and make the change and you don’t have to wait for a specific day of the year to do that.

Image result for new day

I’d also just like to say good luck to everyone starting a new school, college, university or even people just going into a new year this month. Every single one of you reading this is amazing and capable of so many incredible things. Don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise (including yourself). Things might be difficult to start with, change can be really scary but things will work out – you’ll settle into new routines, make new friends and live your best life.

You should hopefully be hearing a lot more from me soon now I’m a free elf once again and I look forwards to hearing from all of you!

As ever, air hugs and happy thoughts,

Anna x






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