“Have a Body Posi Christmas…”

…It’s the best time of the year” See what I did there ūüėČ Not going to lie I’m quite proud of that.

During the holidays, particularly Thanksgiving and Christmas there tends to be a large quantity of food around pretty much all the time. Speaking as someone in recovery from an eating disorder, this can be quite difficult. Being surrounded with the thing that plagues your mind for so much of the day is really hard. There are tins of chocolates, gifts of food, lots of baking, big family dinners and it can be hard to resist temptations to binge and thoughts to restrict and limit your intake may become stronger as well.

There’s also a¬†whole lot¬†of talk about weight as people worry out loud about gaining over the holiday and society¬†seems to have adopted the opinion that it’s virtually¬†impossible to go through the holidays without going up a dress size (this is not true at all!) In addition to that, when the new year comes it brings with it talk of dieting, weight loss, exercise as people¬†often¬†forget that¬†slim/skinny and happy are two different things.¬†Unfortunately it’s virtually impossible to avoid talk like this, even if people around you are particularly cautious so¬†please try your best to block it all out, remind yourself of all the horrible side effects that come along with being severely underweight¬† and remember that happiness and weight are two separate entities that should never be¬†confused¬†as being the same thing.

Happiness and weight are two separate entities that should never be confused as being the same thing.

I think another thing that’s important to remember, is that holidays are supposed to be just that – holidays i.e.¬†a break from normal life, a period of leisure and recreation and if the thought of Christmas or any other holiday is making you feel anything but excited then you need to make some changes. If there’s something in particular that’s worrying you or making you anxious then talk to your friends or family and either change it or come up with a way for you to manage these feelings whether it be distraction techniques, taking breaks or just getting rid of the thing that’s causing you these negative emotions completely.

It’s time that we stop¬†enduring the holidays and start enjoying them.

Always remember that it’s okay to reach out for support even during the holidays. There are so many different resources out there and there is always going to be someone ready to support you whether it be online, over the phone or even a friend or family member from the next room. You should never feel guilty for getting the support you both need and deserve.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and never forget¬†that happiness isn’t size specific.

Love and air hugs to all,


I’m super sorry about the really long wait for this post I’ve got literally a dozen half finished drafts¬† waiting to be finished and posted (one day…maybe…) but my concentration has been shockingly bad as of late but¬†I promise I’ll post at least once more¬†before the new year!





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