There are times when I completely despair of humanity and all of the hatred there is in this world and I am frequently frustrated by the lack of forgiveness and empathy we seem to possess. There are nice people, good, kind people, don’t get me wrong but they rarely get publicity or recognition for their words and actions. The bad people, however, get plenty.

The recent Paris attack has had more social media attention than any event I have ever seen before. I am proud of humanity in general for uniting and showing our support however I am also frustrated that social media is distracting us and putting us under the illusion that we are actually making a difference to those that are currently going through such a terrible time. I’m sure it’s nice to know that the world is thinking of you but if you were a person involved in an event like this you wouldn’t want a hashtag or an altered profile picture, no. You’d want security, a place to stay, maybe even a hug, but most of all you’d want back the lives of the innocent people who were cruelly taken from the world. As much as we’d like to, we can’t give them that. No one can.

We need to start really making a difference, a real difference, not just an illusion that society has printed onto our screens for easy viewing.

There is hunger, war, abuse, poverty, murder and a lack of resources for those that need it. There are 53’010’000 people in England alone and if every single one of us gave just a single penny then we would have raised £530’000 – enough to hugely impact the lives of many without having any effect on our quality of life. And it’s not just money or material goods that you can give. Offering your time and compassion to help is often valued far higher than things with defined monetary values to those in need.

I do recognize that the world can be a scary place sometimes and with knowledge of others visible suffering flying about us in conversation and via social media, it can be hard to validate our own struggles and daily battles; there’s always the thought at the back of your mind of, “Others have it worse than me,”ready to make you feel guilty and discredit your emotions. I want you to know that there are always going to be people that ‘have it worse’ but chances are the people you’re imagining as having it worse than you are probably thinking the exact same things.

Nobody deserves to suffer in silence.

Your emotions and thoughts are valid.

You deserve happiness.

Anna x


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