Back To School

September – you either love it or hate it. For many of us this time of year means pulling out that ugly old skirt from the dusty depths of your closet while desperately trying to remember something, anything that you learnt last year so you don’t go back completely empty minded (Is that a thing?! I’m making it a thing okay.)
If this morning you saw the date and went, “Oh crap. ” or maybe the very thought of anything school related makes you want to cry or curl up in a ball under your duvet and never come out then this post is for you! I.e literally the entire population of high school students. I’m just kidding, there must be someone out there who enjoys more than just the new stationery the new school year brings 😉

So I haven’t been in school since last October. I obviously had some education at the various hospitals but my mind wasn’t in a place where I was able to learn. I lost my concentration and my motivation; I didn’t want to even start my work because I knew I couldn’t do it perfectly. And then when things took a turn for the worse I wasn’t even allowed to go to education because of my risks.

Now, almost 11 months later I am still a patient at an inpatient unit but it is one much closer to home and so I am going back to my mainstream school. Yes I am freaking terrified about gazillions of things about the entire concept of this but I’m also trying to think of things to help me through my transition back. I have some ideas that I am going to try myself that I thought could probably be useful for some of you who are also experiencing anxiety about school.

For starters I have been to a couple of meetings at my school to discuss things that I think will help me transition back into a school environment. You probably haven’t done this but if there is something in particular that is worrying you or making you feel anxious then tell someone. Anyone, be it your favourite teacher, school counsellor, head of year, anybody just tell someone how you’re feeling. If, like me, you find sitting in the middle of the room anxiety provoking then tell your teacher that! They will most likely be sympathetic to your needs and finding you a different spot. And this goes for any issue whether it’s maneuvering through the busy halls or even having to write in a different colour pen than you’re used to. A problem shared is a problem halved as far as anxiety’s is concerned. You could also try to take a couple of deep breathes or count down from one hundred or go imagine a relaxing place if you feel yourself start to get anxious or have upsetting thoughts.

Now I know what it’s like to feel like you have to get things perfect or like there’s no point in even trying because you’ll never get it done perfectly but you need to fight those thoughts. You should never aim for perfection because you’re setting yourself up to fail – it doesn’t exist! Perfection does NOT exist. As long as you did the best you could on the day then that’s all that matters, it really is. Your health is more important than your education at the end of the day so as long as you’re happy within yourself then you’re doing just fine.  If staying up till 12 at night to do your homework isn’t making you happy then don’t do it! I’m not saying don’t try at all but I am saying if something is making you miserable then you shouldn’t have to do it. Try and spread your workload evenly and never leave anything to the last minute.

I am aware that all of this is easier said than done and I myself am going to be trying to put this into practice but I do believe that it can be done. To help me during the school day if I feel anxious or down then I made myself a list that I will keep in my pocket to look at whenever I need to.


I wish you all the best of luck for going back to school and if you have any more ideas or tips on how you are/will handle school then leave it in the comments.

Air hugs to all,
Anna x



6 thoughts on “Back To School

    • recoveryourlifeback says:

      Thanks :’D You should definitely do that. I struggled quite a bit today and had to leave a couple of lessons but when I went back to talk to the teachers they were all really supportive and I was able to help them better understand my needs and what is/isn’t helpful. x


  1. Rylbmum says:

    You’ve got this! I love your positivity and you are right on everything your health is more important than anything else. We are all here for you. Lots of love. X

    Liked by 1 person

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