Lil Note From Me to You

Hello friends! Hope you’re all doing okay today and if you haven’t complimented yourself today then go ahead and do it right now. Seriously stop. STOP. STAHP. You probably feel really stupid but it is not stupid to appreciate yourself so do it. If you’re feeling gooood today then maybe aim for 3…then 5 and well there’s no point stopping now you may as well go for ten. Stick this list of good things about yourself next to your bed so that you see it everyday and if maybe you’re not feeling too great you can see it and either realise that, “Yes I am kinda awesome!” or “Okay so I don’t believe these right now but there has been a time when I believed them and there will be one again – maybe even tomorrow!”

This is an incredibly short and random post but I think that there’s going to be a time when each and every one of us needs a little reminder of how strong and amazing we are. If you’re feeling brave then comment your list below and I might add some to it… :)) Let’s all have a good day!

*Air hugs to all*

Anna x

But bad thoughts are okay too you just need to accept that you’ve had them and help them grow into more positive thoughts šŸ™‚


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