Random Combinations of Letters.


Words have the power to change everything. A speech, a song, a poem or a story all have the capability to change a person’s view of the world or even themselves. However, words are only random combinations of letters, sentences merely combinations of these words. It’s quite grounding to think about – almost a practice of mindfulness.

So if you think about it, the negative ways words can you used (insults, discrimination, racism etc) really don’t mean anything.

On the other hand, the positive way words can be used means more than people realise. In the spoken word, one compliment can make someone’s day, a story can make someone laugh or smile and a talk with someone that’s upset can make them feel better and change their perspective of things.
Written words have the power to inspire thousands, give hope to those who need it and teach people an infinite number of things. The possibilities are truly endless. So instead of using the combinations of letters you put together to bring others down, insult or offend, use them in a positive way, share your story, inspire and bring hope to others.

Anna ♥


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