Depressed Not Lazy.


“People with depression are lazy”
That is way up there on the list of irritating misconceptions surrounding mental health conditions for me and I completely object to this statement.

Depression is a mental health condition or, as my edit above says, a flaw in chemisty not character.
I.e. it is not the sufferer’s fault.

Many of the symptoms of depression could be misconceived as lazy to a ‘passer by’ but this is absolutely not the case.

Some of the symptoms of depression include:

● Lack of concentration.
This is a big one for me. Many people may think that I’m lazy or stupid but I literally can’t concentrate. There are so many negative thoughts rushing round my head at any one time that it is incredibly hard for me to focus on my school work, reading or even just a film. I also can’t face up to big projects or assessments – they just seem so over facing and it’s like I literally can’t pick up the pen.
For example, with my English controlled assessment – I quite literally haven’t done any English work for months because I can’t face it.

● Lack of interest in everyday activities.
Many people with depression don’t feel like socialising, doing hobbies or activities that they previously enjoyed. They may feel like there’s no point or don’t get any sense of enjoyment from it anymore.
Have an extensive list of the symptoms of depression (see the link) and quote that:

People suffering from clinical depression find it extremely difficult to handle regular and routine tasks independently. They either lose interest or lack the confidence to start something and see it through completion. There is an exaggerated and overriding fear of trying to get anything done.

● Lack of personal hygiene.
This may sound disgusting but it’s true, some sufferers of depression simply don’t care whether they shower or not and can’t face doing simple everyday activities (as above)

● Excessive/unusual amounts of sleep
Sometimes I’ll take naps during the day as an escape – because I can’t face being awake anymore. But sometimes I just lack the motivation to actually get up. Getting out of bed sounds like such a simple task but sometimes it takes so much effort that I just can’t be bothered. Of course it can be the other way round; many people with depression also have insomnia.

● Doing nothing.
This could be part of one of the above symptoms but it could also be that they are so preoccupied with their thoughts that they can’t do anything else. Some people may cry, some may just sit and stare at nothing.

So please don’t dismiss someone who may be depressed as lazy because this is probably not the case. And if you are personally suffering with a depressive disorder then stay strong and keep fighting – things will get better.
Anna ♥


3 thoughts on “Depressed Not Lazy.

  1. hellaturnup says:

    I hate saying this, but I “recovered” from depression. I suffered nervous breakdowns it got so bad. Then one day I threw out all the pills and I was like, this is boring. I’m not saying that’s the best way to begin the road to recovery, but when you’ve had enough you’ll know about it. I wish you well and truly hope you feel better soon, it’s an every day battle but one that is easy when you know how to fight it, lots of love


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