A Life Free of ED: Reasons to Recover

Recovery is hard? Yes.
You’re not really sure if you want to recover? Yes.
You don’t want to gain weight?
But it will all be worth it in the end?

Recovering from an eating disorder is hard, probably one of the hardest things you have to go through in your entire life and staying motivated during this long and hard journey is key. You have to keep in mind what you’re doing it for – what a life free from an ED means to you. Below are 20 of my reasons to recover and hopefully you can apply them to yourself and start kicking some serious ED butt.

1) Number one reason for me is to become a nurse. Obviously this doesn’t apply to everyone but you probably have some idea of what you want to do in the future. I personally can’t wait to helping other people get better and the whole nursing experience. I really want to get better myself so that I can help others. This links on to point number 2:

2) To inspire others. How great would it feel to know that other people look up to you or aspire to be like you and to know that you’re helping other people?

3) To free your head of numbers.
No more calorie counting, counting exercises, compulsive counting, just counting in general really!

4) To be able to eat out. Just to grab a bite to eat or have a drink with friends or family without thinking twice about it. How nice would that be?

5) To be able to eat whatever the hell you want. For me this means Nutella (food of the gods), falafel burgers with sweet potato fries, chocolate…so many things! Never mind what your eating disorder likes, you want to be able to eat what you like.

6) To be able to have kids. This doesn’t apply if you’re male obviously but if you’re female and you remain severely underweight for quite some time then you may develop amenorrhoea. If this occurs for a long period of time (excuse the pun) then you could become infertile.

7) To be able to do all the things you love that being underweight has put a stop to or restrictions on. For example taking your dog for a walk, horse riding, running, swimming – all are things that you can’t do if you keep losing weight.

Following on from the previous point, 8) To have freedom. To not have to attend countless doctors appointments, meeting with your dietitian, weigh ins or even become an inpatient. Not having an ED means more free to to spend with your family, friends and pets without limitations. You also don’t have to miss classes and risk failing exams.

9) Because the physical health risks of eating disorders are potentially fatal and don’t bare thinking about or risking.

10) To travel the world. You can’t go abroad and see all of the things you want to see if you’re stuck in a wheelchair or in hospital can you? And even if you can go on holiday you won’t fully enjoy it because you’ll be preoccupied with thoughts of whether you’ll be able to exercise or purge or how many calories were in what you just ate. You need to be free of your ED before you can really enjoy travelling. Plus, what’s a summer holiday without an ice cream?

11) So you can enjoy social occasions (parties, sleepovers, family meals).

12) To be able to buy clothes that fit properly and look good on you.

13) So you’re not hungry all the time and you don’t have to worry about whether people will hear your stomach growl in quiet situations.

14) So you don’t have to lie to people that love and care for you.

15) So you can concentrate in school and not risk your future missing school at various appointments – you’re entitled to an education!

16) So you can enjoy Christmas again (advent calenders!)

17) So you won’t feel cold or dizzy all the time.

18) You’ll look even more beautiful at a healthy weight then you will while severely underweight. No matter what your ED says to you, bones are not attractive. #DO IT FOR DA BOOTY

19) So you can accept compliments and realise that “yes, you do look good in that!”

20) Because life with an eating disorder isn’t a life it’s surviving and you deserve your life back.

Stay strong and keep kicking butt πŸ˜€

Anna β™₯


18 thoughts on “A Life Free of ED: Reasons to Recover

  1. Rainbowdash85 says:

    I’m so proud of you and the young lady you’ve become, despite the paths taken on your journey you have not faltered or let it stop you. Don’t ever stop moving forward we will always be here cheering you on! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • recoveryourlifeback says:

      Thank you so much Rachel it really means a lot πŸ™‚ it was lovely seeing you again (although I hope I don’t see you again!) And I wish your family all the best for the future β™₯ You’re an amazing nurse and a lovely person, thank you for all your help during my admissions. X


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