Consequences of Over Exercising

Over exercising is something that I’ve struggled with immensely whilst I’ve had my eating disorder and I don’t mean to scare you but there are so many consequences to it – most of which you would never have thought of. These are:

● If you are in an inpatient unit or trying to gain weight on your own then you have to go through the stress of moving up meal plans/increasing your intake.

● You will only feed the illness that gave you those urges in the first place.

● You will always feel tired and weak

● You will keep losing weight which can have serious health consequences (see previous post)

● You will lose your friends and social life because you don’t have time for them

● Your muscles will literally eat themselves up (including your heart – this may cause a heart attack)

● You’ll spend time that you could be studying, exercising (you could forfeit your future)

● You’ll have less independence – you won’t have the strength to do things for yourself.

● You could upset all of the people that care about you because they are powerless to help you, making home life difficult.

● You could develop osteoporosis

● Your beautiful hair could fall out

You are all so beautiful and worth 1000 times more than letting this illness bully you into believing otherwise. Think of everyone around you and if you can’t stop for yourself then do it for them. You are all so much better than this illness. So stop excessively exercising and do something fun, make some happy memories and live your lives – you only get one!
~ Lucy ♥


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