Flower Power


The view from my window on the ward

Being kept inside for long periods of time on both the paediatric and inpatient wards has really helped me to value some things that most people take for granted – nature and the outdoors being one of them. Not only is nature beautiful and fascinating it is also useful for practising mindfulness and becoming more grounded. Most meditation music includes some form of natural sound, be it trickling water or bird song and this just serves to prove how relaxing it is.
But why listen to pre-made meditation music when you could simply step into your own back garden and listen to the sound of the wind through the trees, the birds calling to each other.
It’s not just the sounds that make nature so amazing, just noticing and looking at the details of things can help soothe your mind and relax. Notice the tiny intricate details of a single leaf and then think about how many leaves here are on a single tree. Imagine how much history a tree would have seen if it had eyes. Imagine it growing from a seed, to a plant to the tall beautiful thing that you see now. All of these things, the trees, leaves, flowers, moss, just are. They form naturally. Thinking about things like this can really help you to put your worries and problems into perspective and even just breathing in fresh air can help alleviate stress. Nature really is amazing and it deserves to be valued. So go ahead and notice things – take advantage of the outdoors and become more mindful.


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